New ratings and audience share for Radio and Television stations in Kenya

The African media landscape is growing ever more diversified. Brands and broadcasters no longer need to make decisions based on outdated information, risking valuable advertising dollars.  GeoPoll has released Q4 overnight media ratings to deliver daily insights on audience measurement data for TV, Radio and Print.


Ratings and share for the top stations in Kenya; throughout the day

Kenya Q4 Radio.gif

The above graph shows that Citizen station consistently leads ratings throughout the day with its highest ratings being between 6-8AM with an average of 5.55. Radio Maisha takes the second ratings position with its highest point being between 8-10AM with an average of 4.14 while Jambo station achieves the third position in ratings nationally.

GeoPoll also examined average audience share for Q4 2016:

Citizen maintains the top spot with its share of 15.1% of all listeners followed by Radio Maisha with a share of 11.3%. Jambo still achieves the third highest share with an average of 9.2%.

Kenya q4 Audience Share Radio.gif

The high share of 35.8% for other stations outside the top 10 indicates the large number of radio stations in Kenya, which broadcast across the country at a regional level.

GeoPoll has also analyzed the top TV stations in Kenya for Q4 2016.  The below chart shows the average ratings for the top 10 stations during the peak hours, from 19:00 to 21:30.

Kenya Q4 2016 TV.gif

Citizen has the leading spot in ratings during peak hours at the national level. Its highest rating is during primetime at 8.30PM with an average of 9.11. KTN takes the second rating only between 7-8.00PM and at 9.30PM while the rest of the times NTV overtakes it. KTN News consistently takes the fourth position during the peak hours nationally.

Citizen leads with the highest share of 31.9% of viewers followed by KTN at 10.8% then NTV at 8.3% nationally. KTN News is fourth in share with an average of 8.0%.

Kenya q4 Audience Share TV.gif

The share for other stations outside the top 10 indicates that only 13.5% of radio stations in Kenya, which broadcast across the country at regional level.


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