Microsoft has warned against use of Windows 7 two years after the company ended basic support of the Operating System. The company has warned against failings that include security deficiencies.  Windows 7 has been migrating more and more onto the siding, as is shown by the continuously declining number of users.

“Today, [Windows 7] does not meet the requirements of modern technology, nor the high-security requirements of IT departments,” Markus Nitschke, Head of Windows at Microsoft Germany.

Windows 7 is designed for the wireless world of the late 2000s: since stopping Windows 7 support, users still receive all important security updates, but no new functionality.

In three years of extended support of Windows 7 running permanently, all customers with Windows 7 PCs will receive no security updates or technical support from Microsoft come 2020.

Windows 7 was the first step on the way to the cloud but today the Operating System can no longer keep up with increased security requirements.

Microsoft says that use of the OS will provide for higher operating costs, high maintenance cost and increased malware attacks.

At the same time, many hardware manufacturers no longer provide drivers for Windows 7, which means that modern peripherals such as printers are no longer recognized. To give users a contemporary interaction between software and hardware, new processor generations only by the respective current Windows platform supports: So Windows 10 is the only version of Windows provides the appropriate support for the latest chips from Intel, AMD and Qualcomm . In addition, many programs are already written or developed for the newer versions of Windows.

For the predecessor Windows Vista the extended support ends already on 11 April this year. Support for Office 2007 is also running out this year.

Windows 7 is based on long-outdated security architectures. corporate customers, in particular, have been advised to  deal with the transition to a modern operating system in good time.

Whether this is a scare tactic or not, users have been advised to advance their systems or continue using it at their own risk. This also will influence upgrades to Windows 10 which will enable Microsoft to gain greater control over updates and privacy.





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