Nokia is working on an AI assistant referred to as Viki to take on the likes of Apples’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana


Currently, tech firms are obsessed with launching digital artificial intelligence assistants on their platforms. What if I told you Nokia is also doing exactly that? Nokia just re-entered the smartphone segment with the launch of the Nokia 6 device. Sadly it is currently only exclusive to China. Nokia is not stopping at that. The company is pushing itself even further. According to a document obtained by GSMInfo, Nokia is building its own artificial intelligence assistant and it will be referred to as Viki.

Software for the creation and monitoring of mobile and web digital assistants working with knowledge and combining all data sources into a single chat and voice based interface.

Note that it is the actual Nokia Company that is the process of building an AI assistant and not the brand that was recently acquired by HMD Global. HMD Global is the one that launched the Nokia 6 smartphone earlier on in the week. It will be interesting to see whether the AI will be incorporated in all future Nokia smartphones or Android phones as a whole.

Microsoft’s digital assistant is referred to as cortana. Cortana can be accessed both on Windows Phone and Windows PC platforms. Currently, Google has two artificial intelligence assistants. There is Google Now and the just recently announced Google Assistant. Google Assistant was first featured in Google’s new messaging app, Google Allo. Later on, it was integrated into the Google Pixel smartphones that were launched last year.

Apple has not been left behind in the wake of these digital AI assistants. It has Siri. Last but not least Amazon has Alexa. Huawei also made a surprise announcement in this year’s CES event. Huawei will be bringing Alexa, the digital artificial intelligence assistant from Amazon, to its flagship device, the Huawei Mate 9.

Could this be an indication that virtual assistants are establishing themselves as a standard for mobile devices? By 2020, will all smartphones be integrated with an AI assistant?

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