Communication Authority of Kenya issues 7 stern warnings to SIM-card owners

Communication Authority of Kenya has issued a warning to those lending phones to strangers, friends or family to make calls, send text messages and make financial transactions. According to the authority, those who commit the offense risk 6 months behind bars 0r 100,000Ksh fine or both. This, they say is to prevent commission of crime.

The public notice made on the dailies read; “Do not allow stranger to use your SIM card. If a stranger is in distress and requires assistance, make the call yourself.”

“For every purchase of a SIM card, demand that it be registered promptly and receive proof of registration before starting to use the line since if later found to have been misused, you risk being prosecuted for possessing an unregistered line. You will be convicted and jailed for the same,” CA said in a public notice published in Friday’s dailies.

The communications regulator also cautioned Kenyans against buying SIM cards from hawkers. CA advises that every buyer provide a copy of their ID before registering and activating a new SIM card. The authority has also told buyers to demand confirmation of identity particulars as registered by the vendor.

In case a subscriber changes details of registration, they are advised to report this changes to the service provider as soon as possible.

“In case you lose of your SIM card, report to the nearest police station and demand an abstract. Do not use a SIM card that is not registered and in case of any changes, report the same to your SIM card provider,” the CA said.


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