Best data deals in Kenya as we start 2017

best data deals

It is a new year ladies and gentlemen. This means we embark on a mission to find the best mobile data deal this year. This is essential given that Airtel Kenya updated the Terms and Conditions of the UnlimiNet packages. The deal was good while it lasted.

In the quest to find the best data deals in the Kenyan market, only two options stood off. Three if you consider Zuku minus the publicity surrounding its customer care. Surprisingly only the data packages offered by Orange and Airtel Kenya stood out. I am not referring to the whole spectrum of data packages but specific packages which I will highlight.

In regard to Safaricom Limited, the data offers were relatively expensive compared to those of their competitors. If you cannot cope with 3G speeds then Safaricom is your only alternative as currently it is the only Telco in Kenya offering 4G coverage.

Orange offers the best data deals under the Xcell brand. You can opt to subscribe to either the daily, weekly or monthly offers. The following table summarises this data offering:

  Price Data Unit Price
Xcell Daily Ksh.50 400 MB Ksh.0.13/MB
Xcell Weekly Ksh.249 2 GB Ksh.0.12/MB
Xcell Weekly Ksh.990 15 GB Ksh.0.07/MB
Xcell Monthly Ksh.990 6 GB Ksh.0.17/MB
Xcell Monthly Ksh.2,990 30 GB Ksh.0.10/MB


The other data offers that look lucrative are the Airtel UnlimiNet Modem. Not that UnlimiNet offer is different from the UnlimiNet Modem Offer. The UnlimiNet Modem package still offers unlimited browsing albeit at capped speeds once you exhaust the allocated data bundles. You will also continue to access WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter at full speeds once you deplete your data bundles. You will only lose Internet Connection once your subscription has expired.

  Price Data Unit Price
UnlimiNet Modem Daily Ksh.50 200 MB Ksh.0.25/MB
UnlimiNet Modem Daily Ksh.99 500 MB Ksh.0.20/MB
UnlimiNet Modem Weekly Ksh.250 1 GB Ksh.0.25/MB
UnlimiNet Modem Weekly Ksh.699 5 GB Ksh.0.14/MB
UnlimiNet Modem Weekly Ksh.999 10 GB Ksh.0.10/MB
UnlimiNet Modem Monthly Ksh.2,999 20 GB Ksh.0.15/MB


From the look of things, Orange Xcell offers are awesome for heavy data users as they get great value for their money. On the other hand, Airtel UnlimiNet Modem is ideal for the heavy social media users who are assured of connectivity always.

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