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  • Posted: December 29, 2016 at 4:00 pm

According a second layer of protection to your online accounts is the best way to stay safe in this digital age. Technology is advancing on a daily basis. This directly translates to advanced cyber threats. Cyber breaches like the ones that occurred at Yahoo can be avoided by setting up two factor verification. The hackers can land on your username and password but they will never be able to access your account without the verification code.

There are different ways to setup two factor authentication. You can opt to link your account to your phone number or email address. Once you access the login in page and enter your username and password, the site will send a code to either the associated phone number or email   address. It is only after entering this code at the sign in page that you will be able to access the online account.

Of the two factor authentication methods out there, I prefer linking my account to an authenticator app. It is easier and more convenient. One app can be used to authenticate as many accounts as the developers of the accounts allow. Today I show you how to secure your Facebook account using an authenticator app.

How link an Authenticator App to your Facebook Account

  1. Log into your Facebook
  2. Head over to Settings.
  3. Then on the left side click on the Security
  4. Here you will be presented with different options to enhance the security of your Facebook account. To use a third party app such as Microsoft Authenticator or Google Authenticator, click on the Code Generator
  5. Since we are using a trusted third party app as our code generator click on the “Set up another way to get security codes” option. You will notice that Facebook also gives you the option to use your Facebook app to get security codes when you need them.
  6. In the next page you will be prompted to scan the QR code or enter the secret key manually to your third party code generator.
  7. Finally, to confirm that the third party app is set app correctly, you will need to enter the security code that appears on your phone.
  8. That’s it. Every time you sign in into your Facebook account from a new location or device, you will be prompted to enter a security code in addition to your password.
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