Facebook Live Audio is here to assist publishers to go Live in areas with poor network connectivity

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Facebook is always working towards giving its community more and more to ensure they remain engaged at all times. Sometimes maybe we need a little less. Thankfully, Facebook also understands this. This is essentially why the firm is offering users a ‘stripped down’ version of Facebook Live. Essentially, Facebook will now allow one to broadcast Live Audio only contrary to the Live Video format we have become accustomed to.

This move will mainly benefit podcasters who like going about ranting about a whole lot of things. It is in such instances one would rather opt in to listen to the audio rather than consume the video stream. The new Live Audio option makes it easy to go live with audio only when that is the broadcaster’s preferred format. Publishers who want to tell a story on Facebook with words rather than video have something to smile about now. There is no need now for one to use a still image to accompany their audio broadcast.

The Live Audio feature will also enable publishers to go live in areas with poor network connectivity. This is so because Live Audio does not require large bandwidth such as Live Video. Live Audio presents an interesting way for publishers to broadcast interviews or book readings. Just like Live Video, you will be able to discover Live Audio content in News Feed.

People using Android devices will be able to continue listening to a live audio broadcast even if they leave the Facebook app or lock their phones. iOS listeners will be able to continue listening as they browse other parts of Facebook.

Facebook plans to make this new format more broadly available to publishers and people come early 2017. As for now, they will be testing the feature over the next few weeks with several partners such as:

This move comes barely a week after the company announced that it will be possible to stream Live 360-degree videos on the platform. The feature launched with a feed from National Geographic steaming live from the Mars Desert Research station in Utah. The stream basically captured eight scientists emerge from 80 days isolation in pods that simulate the environment in planet Mars. You can check the video here. That is the beauty of video on demand. Watch what you want when you want.

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