LG’s efficiency by design through 2016

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There was a time functionality defined the success of a product. A shoe, watch, oven or computer that met the needs of the user, was guaranteed good sales. That is now changing as consumer become more discerning and as technology converges with industries like fashion.

As technology becomes more ubiquitous, it is being transformed from a utilitarian tool into a medium for self-expression. With the number of devices at home and at work on the rise, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the technology the public interacts with day to day says a great deal about its users.

Consumers are now looking beyond ergonomics. They want to know how a product caters for their personal tastes and self-identity. Nowadays, consumers are keen on products that mirror their personalities or aspirations as individuals or groups. Faced with this new reality, tech engineers and designers are looking for inspiration in such disparate fields as fashion, to develop cutting edge products.

Acting as new extensions of the self, everything about modern products must clearly communicate the values that consumers hold dear.

Fashion is influencing the way we interact with technology. We are intimate with fashion in the clothes we wear; the beautiful wrist watch; the shoe we wear to the dinner date. Clothes and accessories serve an important function like keeping us warm or helping us track time. But we don’t just wear anything rather what we like and makes us feel nice about ourselves.

LG has worked tirelessly to monitor consumer needs across the globe, providing subtle innovations that tangibly enhance the consumer experience. It is going beyond functionality and elegance to also design more efficient products.

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While many consumers may have aspired for higher eco-friendliness in the past, few were willing to sacrifice performance in order to help the environment. However, changing technology is increasingly demonstrating that the supposed trade-off between performance and eco-friendliness in the false choice.

As consumers around the world look for new ways to reduce energy consumption and increase eco-friendliness, many are turning to a new generation of green appliances. Curbing energy use through a variety of efficient features, modern appliances offer enhanced versatility and convenience alongside lower energy consumption.

To demonstrate this is LG’s innovative Door-in-door refrigerators and its tread setting TWINWash washing machines. Designers of these appliances placed a priority on energy efficiency and eco-friendliness at every stage of the design process.

The consumer-centric Door-in-door refrigerators are equipped with multiple compartments that make them to drastically reduce cold air loss. The elegant TWINWash’s secondary mini washer increases flexibility while minimizing water use.

Additionally, both appliances are fitted with LG’s linear compressor technology. The technology is an excellent example of how the company’s attention to detail provides tangible results for consumers across the globe. The long-lasting, noise reducing compressors boost efficiency resulting in significantly lower utility bills and reduced power consumption

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