Slack launches Video Calling to solve your workplace communication needs


Slack launched voice calls earlier in 2016 with a promise to introduce video calling later on. Well it seems that the company has kept its end of the bargain. The team communication app has now added video calling. Slack users can make one-to-one or group video calls without leaving the service.

“Making calls within Slack, whether voice or video, can be helpful at times when a face-to-face conversation is needed, like when you want to give someone feedback or have a one-on-one discussion with a teammate in another office.”

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Video Calling is a niche that most messaging firms are trying to capitalize on. It was only last month that WhatsApp integrated video calling into its app. This was way after Facebook Messenger had incorporated the same feature. On the other hand most workplace settings rely on Google Hangouts or Microsoft Skype to make video calls.

One of the awesome features that come along is the ability to use emoji to react while the video call is ongoing. The good thing is that doing so does not interrupt the video call. Neither do you have to unmute the video call to use this feature. The emoji’s will simply hang over your video for a short period to show your response to others and play a subtle sound.

How to make a Video Call

Note that if you are on one of Slack’s paid plans, your team can make group video calls with up to 15 people. You can also use Slack to make voice and video calls with third party services like Google Hangouts and Zoom.

  1. Launch the app.
  2. Click the phone icon to initiate a call.
  3. Then click on the new camera icon within your window to enable video.

Video Calls are rolling out over the next few days and will be available on the latest versions of Slack for Mac and Slack for Windows desktop apps, as well as Google Chrome. Users on the mobile apps can still join any ongoing video call, but will be limited to sharing and receiving audio.

This new feature brings Slack closer in competition to Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams launched in early November as a rival to Slack. It had the advantage that it launched with video calling already included.

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