Safaricom opens the first of a set of six regional offices in Nakuru Town. This is inline with their regionalization strategy.

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  • Posted: December 8, 2016 at 6:05 pm

Safaricom has opened a regional office in Nakuru. It is from this office that Safaricom will now serve the Rift Valley Region. This is an initiative by Safaricom to take its operations closer to customers. The new office will be located in the CDN Plaza in Nakuru Town.

“The opening of this office marks an important milestone in our regionalization strategy. We are optimistic that it will go a long way in enhancing our business operations and in the long run strengthen our relationship with our customers.”

– Safaricom CEO, Bob Collymore

According to Safaricom these new approach to how they react to customer queries was mainly as a result of the diversity of consumer challenges. Customers in different parts of our Republic experience different challenges. Hence the need to address these issues from a regional level which will ultimately translate to faster response times. Safaricom is set to also open other regional offices. This will be based in the following strategic locations:

  • Sameer Business Park

This is located along Mombasa Road. Safaricom targets to serve Nairobi East Region from this office.

  • Avenue Building in Nyali

Safaricom will serve the Coast Region from this office.

  • Nyeri Golf Area

This office is meant to serve the Mt. Kenya region.

“Safaricom remains focused on offering the best customer experience with products and services that differentiate us from competition. The expansion of our services to the regions is aimed at engaging our customers from the grassroots, which then helps us address issues faster.”

-Safaricom CEO, Bob Collymore

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There are also plans to open other offices in Nairobi West and Nyanza-Western region. If Safaricom achieves this then it will have a total of six regional offices. It is Safaricom’s goal to have the other regional headquarters operational by March 2017. Safaricom will use these base stations to coordinate operations in each of the regions.

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