overall consumer price indices (CPI)

As can be deduced from the table, the overall rate of inflation has been on the rise for the last three months. Since September this year the overall rate of inflation has been on an upward path. Back in August, Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) registered the overall rate of inflation at 6.26 percent. The most recent data released by KNBS puts the overall rate of inflation at 6.68 percent. Between November this year and the same month last year, the lowest inflation rate was recorded in May 2016 at 5.00 percent. The overall Consumer Price Indices (CPI) rose from 162.97 in November 2015 to 173.85 in November 2016.

The table below shows the Overall Consumer Price Indices (CPI) and Inflation Rates as from November, 2015 till November, 2016.

Month Overall CPI Overall Rate of Inflation
Nov-15 162.97 7.32
Dec-15 164.72 8.01
Jan-16 165.37 7.78
Feb-16 165.06 7.09
Mar-16 165.92 6.45
Apr-16 167.07 5.27
May-16 167.99 5.00
Jun-16 169.76 5.80
Jul-16 170.84 6.39
Aug-16 170.97 6.26
Sep-16 171.56 6.34
Oct-16 172.62 6.47
Nov-16 173.85 6.68


The graph below together with the featured graph put the tabular data above into visual perspective.



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