WhatsApp will cease to support devices running older versions of Android OS, iOS and Windows Phone OS come 2017

Yesterday, WhatsApp made an announcement that will be music to the ears of folks who use older devices to access the app. WhatsApp will be extending support for its service on older mobile software platforms till 30th June, 2017. This extension of support timeline will only apply to individuals who possess a Nokia S40, a Symbian S60 or a BlackBerry device including those running BlackBerry 10.

Guys using older devices in the other platforms, that is Android, iOS and Windows Phone, will not enjoy the leniency shown to the others. WhatsApp will go ahead and terminate access to its messenger using these devices as it had announced previously. If you have a smartphone running Windows Phone 7, iOS 6 or a version of Android earlier than 2.3 Gingerbread, you will have to upgrade your device if you wish to continue accessing WhatsApp from the beginning of next year.

Buying a new device seems like the only viable option available. If the operating system in your device can be upgraded you might have an alternative option. Some of these platforms are no longer supported by their manufactures. Some of the manufacturers have not issued a software update to these devices in the recent past. As a result they do not offer the kind of capabilities for apps such as WhatsApp to expand their app features.

There are some features that WhatsApp would have liked to add to these devices but unfortunately they end up being not supported. Reason been that the device software is old for it to support modern features.  These apps become limited in their functionality. This is one of the grievances that WhatsApp has put forth hence the decision to drop support for these devices come 2017. The other concern is that WhatsApp wants to focus its efforts on the mobile platforms the majority of people use.

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