Poa! Internet, offering alternative internet connection to Kibera residents

poa! internet

We are leaving in a connected world. Most individuals now consume media via the internet before they interact with it through the traditional forms of media.it is for this reason that poa! and Liquid Telecom have partnered to offer relatively pocket friendly internet connection to Kibera residents. According to poa! their main purpose is to connect the people of Kibera to improve local, social and economic growth.

Basically the network provided by poa! is based on Wi-Fi technology. The team has set up signal boosters in various areas within Kibera thus creating a local area network in a diameter of up to 200 meters. Essentially has 56 zones giving over 1,760,000 square meters coverage. This means you can access poa! internet through any Wi-Fi enabled device such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. You only need to provide your phone number at sign up which poa! terms is a measure aimed at securing your account.

Poa! Internet promises to offer download speed of up to 1 Mbps. This is approximately equivalent to 116 KBp/s. The process of connecting to the internet is very simple. Just follow the following procedure:

  1. Switch on your Wi-Fi
  2. Connect to poa! internet Wi-Fi
  3. Open your browser and type im

Some of the benefits is that your internet bundles are valid for a record one year. This is a first one in Kenya. Our Internet Service Providers provide a maximum valid period of three months. The poa! portal has loads of free content for one to enjoy even when they do not have any internet bundles. Some of the content offered through the portal is sports news, entertainment news, news content, educational content and healthcare content. Poa! has gone as far as providing free internet access to schools around Kibera.

The internet bundles range from a low of 25 MB at Ksh.10 to a high of 20 GB at Ksh.3,000. Poa! has partnered with some local cyber cafes to offer support for their service.

The model that the team at poa! employ is based on the same concept that Wazi Wi-Fi operated albeit a little difference. Poa! Internet is here to offer Kibera residents when they are on the go. I still can’t seem to understand why Zuku had to discontinue this service. Zuku decided to rebrand it to Zuku Wi-Fi and lock it to individuals who have a Zuku account rather than offering it as an independent service to anybody who is interested in subscribing to it.

The following is what poa! promises to offer those who are subscribed to the service:

  • Free content, including local and international news, within the poa! Portal
  • Low cost and fair internet bundles, valid for 360 days. That is literally a year ladies and gentlemen.
  • Easy sign-up, payment and credit transfers. No new SIM card required.
  • High-performance internet via poa! access points located throughout Kibera
  • Great local customer service
  • 100MB Member Get Member offer, 100MB each


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