Facebook Instant Games – Facebook now lets you play games on Messenger and Facebook News Feed without installing anything

facebook instant games

Facebook has introduced a new initiative called Facebook Instant Games. This is a gaming platform that will let Facebook users play games both on their Facebook Messenger app and in the Facebook News Feed. The gaming platform will be based on HTML5 as such you will be able to play available games without the need to download anything. You simply tap on a title and begin playing immediately. This will also translate to the games loading quickly.

It is the hope of Facebook that the simplicity and speed of Instant Games will get more people to playing Facebook titles. Facebook Instant Games do away with the bother of downloading and configuring sharing settings. The service was launched yesterday in a closed beta. Initially the service will be available in 30 countries for iOS v8 or later and Android v5 or later. Windows Phone users can always access Facebook Instant Games via the web platform.

There are 17 games as of launch. The games range from retro-classics such as Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Track & Field 100M and Galaga, and modern titles like Words with Friends. These games will work on both web and mobile since they are cross-platform. There is no excuse as to why you cannot engage in casual gaming during your free time.

Once you engage in any of the games available you will be able to share high scores and achievements with your friends via the News Feed. Sharing is basically the mode of operation of Facebook. Your friends can then opt to go ahead and try the game out. In essence, one way of discovering new Instant Games titles is via your friends.

If you are using Messenger, you can access titles you can play via a new game controller icon under your typing area. From here you cannot only select a title to play but also view leaderboards and participate in group thread conversations to challenge and compete against anyone on Messenger.

There is also a dedicated Instant Games bookmark on Facebook where people can view and instantly replay all their favourite titles they previously enjoyed across both platforms. You can discover new games through recommendations, posts, challenges and the Facebook Pages of individual games. Interested developers can learn how to on-board titles to Instant Games by registering here.

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