You can now make Skype calls without the need of an account or downloading the app

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  • Posted: November 24, 2016 at 5:14 pm

There is nothing as enjoyable as being able to connect with your loved ones who are far away. You can go ahead and make a voice call but a video call brings you even closer. Skype is a pioneer in video calling. Just this month WhatsApp enabled video calling on its platform. This was a late entrance given that platforms like Facebook Messenger had adapted the feature before.

The norm with all these platforms is first signing up for an account. Most often than not you will be required to download the respective app. Skype wants to deviate from this. Through a new feature you can now make a video call via the Skype platform simply as a guest.

The new web-based guest interface lets you make and receive calls without the need to download the desktop app or register for an account. Making a video call is as simple as heading over to the website You will then be required to enter a handle. Immediately you do that you will receive a link that you can share with anyone you intend to initiate a video call with.

You will be able to access all the features of Skype such as a voice calling, video calling and group chatting and sharing files. One thing to note is that the conversations will last for 24 hours only. Once this period is exhausted the conversations will be wiped clean.

Essentially this feature enables you to interact with Skype anonymously. People are concerned about the need of creating accounts for each single platform they use yet they may only use it during that single occurrence. Having an account also means that there is a server somewhere keeping logs of all your interactions. Individuals such as activists as some journalists require to remain anonymous in their interactions. Using a handle on the go is a useful feature for those individuals.  Yesterday we also saw that is using the same feature.

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