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The first thing that comes to mind when you talk of blogging is WordPress or Tumblr. For you start blogging on this platforms you have to go through some form of registration. Once you are done with that, your account will be set up and you can go ahead and start publishing your articles. Well, Telegram wants to change that approach. You heard that right. Telegram the messaging app is diversifying.

Telegram’s main approach is to do away with the lengthy registration process so as to have your article published in the shortest time possible. But that will come will a little setback for the hard core publishers but for activists maybe this is your thing. On Tuesday 22nd November, 2016 Telegram launched Telegraph. Telegraph is a blogging platform that doesn’t require any kind of registration. To get started just head over to and you are good post your first article.

You only need to type a title for your post then your name. You are wondering why your name. People need to know who the author of the article is. In short, you will need to provide an author’s name immediately after inputting the title. This feature has potential of abuse as someone can input another individuals name as the author and impersonate them in the article. You can now go ahead and add some text that you wish to share. Once you publish your content you then go ahead and share it using its URL.

Interesting you can embed tweets from Twitter or videos from YouTube and Vimeo simply by dropping in the link. Alternatively you can upload photos from your local storage. To top it up some simple text formatting is supported. The downside is that you cannot edit your post once you publish it unless the current cookie session is saved. You cannot edit the post from a different browser or from Incognito mode. The other downside is that you cannot catalogue your past work or assign them into collections. Each post has a dedicated web address.

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