Smart gifts from LG this festive season

The role played by technology in helping people across the world to connect with their loved ones can obviously not be overlooked in the modern era.

As the festive season fast approaches, it will be important for us to connect with the people who reside closest to our hearts: family, friends, and loved ones.

Since time immemorial, Christmas has been the season of spreading good cheer, of spending time with our families and of sharing, caring and giving.

Although, technology is sometimes accused of having an isolating effect on users, as families gather across the world, the ability of the latest electronics to entertain and save time on chores will definitely allow for people to connect like never before this festive season.

It is however no surprise that a large number of people will not spend Christmas with their families as they will be too busy with other pursuits.

The current generation has often been criticized for having lost substantial human connection in the digital age. However, we should take a moment to remember just how much technology can help us to develop and expand our relationships.

The reality is that technology has helped many celebrate holidays and anniversaries with friends and family across oceans when an in-person visit or interaction was not a feasible option.

Such devices and applications as smart phones, tablets, e-mail, texting, Facebook and Skype are bringing families together, offering an easy avenue to communicate when you’re loved ones are far away.

When it comes to bringing people together, television has allowed people to share meaningful experiences. Viewership is on the rise and the technology’s ability to reach people all over the world has never been greater. Now as the world becomes ever more connected, television remains the perfect medium for everything from high profile sporting events such as the Olympics to watching movies to unwind with loved ones, promoting togetherness.

Moreover, holiday gatherings with families and friends are the perfect time to break out the camera. With smartphone cameras playing a greater role in everyday life, a growing number of smartphones are being designed with content creators in mind. It is a perfect gift for amateur film makers and plugged in social media junkies alike, making it a perfect gift this Christmas as well as the perfect smartphone for preserve holiday and vacation memories for years to come.


Also, with majority of people living on the fast lane and working on a razor-thin schedule, the demand for time-saving electronics is on the rise.

This demand is making electronics manufactures to continuously innovate and keep with emerging trends. They are designing home appliances that minimize the effort that goes into daily chores to give users more free time to attend to priority tasks.

LG is increasingly being seen as a trendsetter when it comes to developing time-saving products.  The company believes that while appliances are all capable of functioning independently, the more they are used together, the clearer their benefits become.

Guided by this philosophy, LG engineers and designers have developed their own distinctive take on what it means to create products with an intuitive responsiveness to the demands of users.

The company recently introduced ‘LG Smart Home’, which is built around the idea of unifying multiple smart appliances into a single, cohesive system in order to increase convenience and simplicity.

Coupled with its interactive new feature HomeChat™, which employs Natural Language Processing (NLP) and LINE, the popular mobile messenger app with over 300 million users, homeowners can communicate, control, monitor and share content with LG’s latest smart appliances.

To illustrate this, the company’s smart refrigerator has several innovative, convenience-enhancing features such as Smart View, Smart Power Saving and Smart Manager. Smart View employs the industry’s first built-internal refrigerator camera to allow users to see the content of the refrigerator using a smartphone or tablet.

Every time the fridge door is opened, the camera captures images of the interior shelves. Users can check these images through HomeChat to quickly assess what they need to buy while they’re at the supermarket, helping to save time and preventing unnecessary purchases.

Moreover, LG Smart Manager also transforms the refrigerator into a complete food management system with a handy recipe search function which presents the user with a variety of tasty meal options based on the items stored in the refrigerator.

When it comes to washing machines, LG’s smart washing machine is equipped with several smart technologies that simplify the task of doing laundry. Guided Laundry can recommend and automatically apply the optimal settings for any type of laundering scenario. For example, for orange juice spills, simply texting “remove juice stains” on HomeChat will initiate One Touch Washing to prescribe the appropriate course of action.

LG’s unique portfolio of convenience-enhancing electronics leaves the company well poised for success as holiday shoppers seek out the perfect gifts for loved ones.



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