WhatsApp Update – Ability to play audio files in the background and view your storage information

storage information

WhatsApp seems to be on adrenaline, at least for the beta version. So far we have written about two new features that were introduced to beta testers within a gap of three weeks. There was the video calling feature that went live for Windows phone users and a week later was also introduced to Android users. The latest feature to be introduced to beta users was the two-step verification feature that ensured no one could re-verify your number on WhatsApp without the six-digit passcode.

Well another feature has rolled out to WhatsApp beta users, at least for Windows Phone users. WhatsApp has named the feature storage information. This is the ability to see how much data you have shared so far on WhatsApp. The setting allows you to see how many messages you have shared with each of your WhatsApp contacts and how much storage they occupy. You also get a glimpse of the total messages shared and total amount of data shared through your WhatsApp application.

How to view storage information on WhatsApp

The following is the procedure to access this feature:

  1. Launch your WhatsApp beta Ensure that you have the latest version of the app. Update it first if necessary. Note that this feature is only available to WhatsApp beta application only.
  2. Head over to settings.
  3. Then click chats and calls setting.
  4. Near the bottom of the next page click on storage information.
  5. There you will be presented with two tabs to view the storage information for messages or sizes. You even get a refresh button at the bottom.

The other feature that has been introduced is the ability to play audio files in the background. You can now leave the active message chat that contains the playing audio and browse to other chats without stopping the audio playback. You can even leave the WhatsApp application and the audio file will still continue to play in the background. The only downside is that your lock screen has to be on or else the audio file will seize to play.

UPDATE: WhatsApp will now require you to enter your six-digit passcode at least once per day to help you remember it. This applies to the individuals who have activated two-step verification feature.

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