PornHub offers to buy Vine from Twitter

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  • 5 years ago
  • Posted: November 1, 2016 at 4:00 pm

Twitter don’t seem to find a way to monetize the social platform. They tried to sell the company last month but all the big firms eventually bailed out. The likes of Tech giant Google and Salesforce decided not to go ahead with the buyout. Not long after Twitter announced that about 350 employees will be sent home. This translate to about nine percent of Twitter’s workforce. I guess what might have been a shocker was when both Twitter and Vine teams jointly announced plans to shut down Vine, a short video sharing platform. The awesome looping six second video platform will be no more.

Well an interesting twist of events occurred. Pornhub, an adult entertainment site offered to purchase Vine. At least the guys at Vine get an opportunity to sell it for some cash rather than completely shut it down as it had envisioned. Well Pornhub intends to restore Vine “back to its NSFW glory,” saying that clips “of porn in six seconds is more than enough time for most people to enjoy themselves.”

The following is part of the letter sent to Twitter founder, Jack Dorsey, by Pornhub owner according to Cnet:

“My company Pornhub, the leading adult entertainment site with more than 60 million daily visitors, has a lot in common with Vine. Now, before you start rolling your eyes, hear me out Jack. We’re interested in purchasing Vine from you. We figure since Twitter has dropped it and is having significant layoffs that you and your stakeholders could benefit from a cash infusion from the sale of Vine.”

-Pornhub CEO Corey Price

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Pornhub went ahead to promise that they will preserve all the current Vines on the platform and offer users a way of viewing them. Apart from that users will still be able to post new Vine’s. As far as things stand, Pornhub is looking forward to Twitter setting up a meeting so as to discuss the proposal in detail. That is unless Pornhub was making a mockery of Twitter.

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