UberX lowers its prices in Mombasa

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  • 5 years ago
  • Posted: October 28, 2016 at 10:40 am

The price wars are still on. UberX is not ready to relinquish its market share domination here in Kenya. Little Cab, a partnership of leading Telco firm Safaricom and Craft Silicon, is looking at expanding to new territories. They also want a piece of the cake that UberX is enjoying at the moment. To do this Little Ride decided to expand to Mombasa City last week. This marks the second city that they now operate in after the capital itself, Nairobi.

This did not sit well with the guys at Uber. To counter the threat that a new competitor posed to their existing market share, they decided to bring down their prices in Mombasa. It is worth recalling that they took the same measure back when Little Ride launched in Nairobi.

The new rates are the lowest in the market as we speak. They are lower than the prices charged for Nairobi residents. It seems UberX is confident with this approach. It must have definitely paid off when they opted for it back in Nairobi for them to consider deploying it yet again to counter their competitors. It is estimated that UberX makes an average of 10,000 trips daily from the pool of over 1,000 drivers on its service.

Below is a statement from Ms Wamunyu during yesterday press conference at the coastal town:

“By lowering prices you see a much higher demand for rides which means driver-partners can spend more of every hour moving people and less time waiting around for a paying ride.”

-Uber Operations Manager Kagure Wamunyu

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  Old Uber Prices in Mombasa New Uber Prices in Mombasa Current Uber Prices in Nairobi
Base Fare Ksh.80 Ksh.50 Ksh.100
Price per Km Ksh.50 Ksh.30 Ksh.35
Price per Min Ksh.5 Ksh.3 Ksh.3
Cancellation Fee Ksh.200 Ksh.150 Ksh.200
Minimum Fare Ksh.250 Ksh.150 Ksh.200
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