Xiaomi Mi Mix – 2016’s Most Beautiful Phone

Ladies and gentlemen, that – pictured up there – that slab of infinite beauty, is the new Xiaomi Mi Mix. A truly bezel-less phone.

See all those phone concepts that have had us drooling for years? The ones that show phones whose faces are overly colourful slabs of endless screen? Well, they are here.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix was launched alongside the incredibly Samsung-Galaxy-Note 7-like Xiaomi Mi Note 2. It, however walks in with its own unique strut snd style. The star feature is that screen, with a screen-to-body ratio of 91.3 percent. Ninety one point three. I’ll let that simmer.

For perspective, the fairly new Google Pixel XL boasts a 71.2 screen-to-body percentage ratio while the iPhone 7 Plus has a measly 67.7% ratio.

That 6.4 inch screen boasts of a unique 2040 x 1080 resolution, a matching exclusive ceramic body build holding everything together, a massive 4400mAh battery and a Snapdragon 821 heart running things.

True to the 2016 trend, RAM options go all the way to 6GB (thare is a 4GB RAM entry option too) and the back camera is said to be a 16MP shooter while the selfie cam is a more humble 5MP one that is said to be on the bottom bezel of the phone (yeah, okay. There has to be a small bezel at least).

More impressively, Xiaomi have been innovative in getting around the mandatory earpiece and proximity sensors that usually claim the top bezel. They are using a piezoelectric earpiece that can stay behind the screen and an ultrasonic sensor behind the screen too. Add to that the bottom placed camera position and you have yourself an infinite wonder if a phone.

Obviously, Xiaomi are not the first in the completely bezel-free field. Sharp has perched and roosted here with the Sharp Aquos and its sequel, the Aquos 2. Xiaomi is, however, the first major manufacturer to dive into this design lane.

There will be two variations of the Xiaomi Mi Mix, starting November 4th when it goes on sale in China: a 4GB RAM/128GB version going for roughly $516 and a higher end 6GB RAM/256GB version for $590.

This, in my opinion (and those of dozens of other bloggers across the internet), is arguably the prettiest phone of 2016 yet.

The year seems to be getting more interesting in the phone battlefield, right?


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