Latest report indicates that WhatsApp is more secure than Telegram Messenger

Amnesty International took matters into its own hands and embarked on a journey to determine which among the pool of messaging apps available is more secure. The firm was most importantly searching for those apps that focus on the security and privacy of users. Apparently, WhatsApp emerged tops when compared to the other messaging apps such a Telegram Messenger, Snapchat and Skype.

According to Amnesty International, WhatsApp is the only app where users are explicitly warned when end-to-end encryption is not applied to a particular chat and also enforces the encryption by default. End-to-end encryption is simply a security system that ensures that only you and the person you are messaging can see the content of your conversation. It is a surprise to see WhatsApp take the lead yet Telegram was the first app to incorporate encrypted chats. WhatsApp merely rolled out the feature earlier in the year.

The reason Telegram came second to WhatsApp is because it does not allow end-to-end encryption by default. The other concern is that Telegram messenger does not have the ability to notify you when you are using less secure form of encryption. For those wondering about Snapchat it basically does not offer any form of encryption to your data.

WhatsApp uses the signal protocol to offer the encryption service. This is the same protocol that was deployed to the Facebook Messenger just recently. Unfortunately for Facebook Messenger users the encryption is not activated by default. Just like Telegram Messenger you have to turn it on when you need it. The other downside of the Facebook Messenger is that it also does not warn you when you are using a less secure encryption.

It is the hope of Amnesty International that the more apps provide secure encryption the better the platforms will be to activists and journalists who want to remain anonymous. Though there is also a negative turn to this. The extremists are also aware that this safe channels are also available.

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