Equity Bank’s EazzyApp simplifies making payments on EazzyPay

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  • Posted: October 24, 2016 at 1:11 pm

Slowly but surely Equitel is taking over the mobile money business – or at least it will soon offer formidable competition to MPESA. Take for example the last sector statistics where Equitel doubled its value of money transfers from Kshs 62.4 billion to Kshs 138.5 billion. Over the same period, MPESA had only a 5.4% growth. As Equitel becomes more popular, it is becomes necessary for everyone to get acquainted with the services it offers including the latest innovations namely EazzyPay, EazzyChama, EazzyLoan, EazzyNet, and EazzyBiz that allow individuals, joint account holders, chamas, and companies to effortless transact without having to visit a bank branch.

The EazzyPay solution that is within the Equity Bank’s Eazzy Banking suit is paticularly important. This solution allows Equity Bank account holders to effortless make payments via the newly launched EazzyApp. Alternatively, EazzyPay transactions can also be effected directly from Equitel SIM cards – but the EazzyApp allows all account holders to make EazzyPay payments at partner merchants across the country, no matter the mobile provider they are subscribed to, as long as the mobile number is registered with the Eazzy 247 mobile money service.

For those with Equitel line, the process of making payments take 11 steps, a process that is greatly reduced if EazzyApp is opted for. To make EazzyPay payments using the Equitel line, these are what you need to do:


  • Dial *203# to update the Equitel SIM menu
  • Go to Equitel Menu
  • Select My money
  • Select EazzyPay
  • Select Pay Goods & Services
  • Select Account
  • Enter EazzyPay Till number
  • Enter Amount
  • Enter additional details e.g. fuel
  • Confirm details
  • Enter PIN
  • Enter Served by details
  • Confirm details.
  • Wait for confirmation SMS
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The above process might a bit lengthy especially if you factor in the steps requiring you to enter additional detials and again confirm those details – steps that are absent in other mobile payment platforms. However, you can avoid these by simply downloading the EazzyApp from Google Play Store, linking the App with your Equity Bank account, and following these easy steps to make payments:

  • Log into EazzyApp
  • Click on the (+) sign
  • Select EazzyPay
  • Enter till number as displayed on the Eazzy Pay sticker
  • Enter assistant user ID (if required)
  • Key in amount
  • Confirm details
  • Wait for SMS confirming the transaction

The EazzyPay solutions is currently available in a number of stores, supermarkets, petrol stations, hotels and online portals across the country. All you need to do is to be on the lookout for outlets with EazzyPay sign. As opposed to using other payment platforms e.g. credit/debit cards, the Eazzy Pay does not incur charges especially when Equitel Line is the line in use (whether directly or via the EazzyApp). Transferring the amount from your Equity Bank account to the merchant’s account also does not attract any charges – it is absolutely free to you the buyer.

There are times you would want to also get some coins (or notes) after making payments – especially those times you realize that the actual cash you have cannot take you home or your next purchase will require that you have actual cash. In such cases, there are EazzyPay merchants who also offer cash back and through them you can make withdrawals from the same EAzzy Pay solution. Again, you’ll know which merchants have cash back option simply by looking out for the Cash back sign displayed probably close to the EazzyPay sign.

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At no charges at all. At assured security. And with the conveniency of not having to walk with cash, why would anyone resist making payments using EazzyPay?

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