Facebook Page Admins’ can now schedule Live Video broadcasts

Starting today, 19th October, 2016, Facebook is rolling out the ability for Verified Pages to schedule live broadcasts, starting with live videos published via the Facebook Live API. Note that only Verified Pages will fast be supported. There is no mention of when verified Users will be able to use the feature. Facebook promises to roll out the feature to all other Pages soon. With this new feature Pages will be able to schedule a live broadcast up to one week in advance. This will enable them to build hype for a video.

Essentially what Facebook does with the live scheduling feature is creating an announcement post for your followers’ feed with a time for the broadcast. Those who are interested can them opt in to receive a one-time reminder notification that will alert them shortly before your broadcast begins. Furthermore Facebook will create a pre-broadcast chat room where

Procedure to schedule a Live Video

NOTE: A Page Admin will only be able to schedule a live broadcast through the Facebook Live API. The following are the steps from Facebook on how to go about scheduling a Live Video:

  1. Navigate to Publishing Tools

Once you are in Publishing Tools, select “Video Library” and then “Live.”

  1. Copy your stream credentials (e.g. steam key, Server URL)

If you need to find the credentials closer to the time you are going live, they are also available by editing the post in Video Library.

  1. Craft your announcement post

Be sure to write an engaging and informative description so your followers know what to expect from your broadcast. You will be able to update the description later if you want to.

  1. Finalize your scheduled live broadcast

Put any finishing touches on your post (such as adding a custom image) before you schedule your broadcast.

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