WhatsApp is rolling out new camera features present in Snapchat. You can now add images, emoji and text to your photos.

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  • 5 years ago
  • Posted: October 5, 2016 at 10:05 am

Facebook owned messaging platform, WhatsApp Messenger, has launched new camera features that allow users to add images, emoji and text to their photos. It is worth noting that these new features that WhatsApp is adapting have been available on rival social media platform Snapchat. It is these new features that have made Snapchat wildly popular. It is interesting to see other platforms adapting them. It is rumoured that Messenger is also testing the features on its platform.

How to access the new features

The process of invoking the new features is quite simple:

  1. Go ahead and capture a new photo or video.
  2. Alternatively, choose a photo or video you would like to share from your local or external storage.
  3. Once you carry out any of the steps above, you will automatically see new editing tools appear at the top right corner.
  4. Use these tools to customize your photos. That is all it takes.

WhatsApp has also introduced a bunch of other updates related to the camera interface. A front-facing flash has been added to the WhatsApp camera. This will allow users to take photos in low light or at night. With the front facing flash the screen simply lights up to act as a flash. Zooming features for recording video have also been introduced. You will now be able to switch between the back and front cameras when recording videos through the app. To do this you will only need to quickly double tap the screen in the camera interface window.

These new features started rolling out yesterday, 4th October, 2016 first to Android users. If you are an Android user you need the latest version of WhatsApp (v 2.16.293) to access these new features. WhatsApp is expected to roll the features to iPhone users soon.

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