Nissan’s self driving chair is here to change your queuing experience

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  • Posted: September 29, 2016 at 11:54 am

On Tuesday Nissan unveiled an autonomous chair system to ease the experience of queuing. The chair has been named after the company’s flagship autonomous driving technology proPILOT. The proPILOT chair will negotiate queues on behalf of its occupant. This will spare the occupant the hassle of standing in line.

How it works

The proPILOT chair detects and automatically follows the chair ahead of it, maintaining a fixed distance. This is made possible by embedded cameras in the chairs that detect the position and motion of the chair ahead. The chairs also employ the path finding technology developed by Nissan. It is this technology that enables them to travel along a set path, negotiating queues on behalf of its occupant and spares them the ordeal of standing in line.

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This technology is the same as the semi-autonomous proPILOT system embedded in the Serena minivans in Japan. Through this technology the minivan is able to maintain a safe distance behind the car ahead. It also ensures that the vehicle stays in the centre of its lane.

It will be interesting to see these chairs deployed in hospitals to assist patients in queuing. Once the chairs are available here in Kenya guys will not have to worry about standing in long queues in the banking halls. The technology can also be harnessed to provide assistive technology for the old. Other places that this device can be used is in airports. A downside to the use of this device is that people will become lazy and this will cause obesity to kick in.

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As of now the chairs have only been installed in Nissan’s headquarter and are expected to be deployed to select restaurants in Japan next year. From 29th September through to 2nd October individuals can visit the public gallery at Nissan’s Global Headquarters in Yokohama to try the six chairs that will be on exhibit. The visitors will get to see the six chairs in action in a queue simulation.

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