400 million – that is the latest number of active devices running Windows 10

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  • 5 years ago
  • Posted: September 28, 2016 at 9:42 am

The latest report from Microsoft indicates that Windows 10 is now running on over 400 million active devices. Microsoft announced this new milestone at the opening of its Ignite Conference in Atlanta. It is worth noting that Microsoft announced the 300 million active devices milestone in early May. A month later, at the end of June, the company announced that it ran on 350 million active devices. This new milestone represents devices that have been active in the past 28 days.

The 400 million milestone includes all devices running Windows 10 Operating System, that is, Windows 10 PCs, Windows 10 tablets, Windows 10 Mobile smartphones, Xbox One consoles, the Microsoft Hololens headset and the Surface Hub large whiteboard PCs.

Previously, Microsoft had predicted that Windows 10 would be on 1 billion active devices by mid-2018. Microsoft was hoping to achieve this milestone within a 3 year period from the launch of Windows 10 back in 2015.

It is interesting to see this latest report portraying an increment of active users. This is so because as from 29th July Microsoft stopped offering the Windows 10 upgrade for free to exiting users running a genuine Windows 8.1 or Windows 7. New users who want to upgrade now have to purchase a valid licence from Microsoft hoping that their device is supported.

The release of new PCs and laptops running on Windows 10 during this period also contributed to this impressive figure. The performance of the Windows 10 Mobile devices could have an adverse effect on Microsoft achieving its 1 billion milestone. By now you probably have heard that the mobile market for Microsoft is on a death bed.

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