How to buy Airtel UnlimiNet bundles via Airtel Money at a 5% Discount

Airtel Money

The UnlimiNet deal is already sweet as it is. But what if I told you it gets even sweater. Why pay Ksh.2000 or ksh.1000 for the UnlimiNet Monthly offer and yet you can pay Ksh.1900 or Ksh.950 respectively for the same bundle. Yes, it is possible to enjoy the same UnlimiNet offer with all its packages albeit at a lesser cost. All what you have to do is purchase your bundles via Airtel Money.

Many individuals are not aware of this possibility because the feature is not readily available in the sim applications tool kit. If you navigate to the Airtel Money menu in the sim applications you will not find that option there. I still cannot comprehend why it has taken Airtel so long to incorporate this feature. From the look of things it looks like Airtel is running two Airtel Money features simultaneously. One is via USSD and the other is the common Airtel Money STK menu.

How to purchase UnlimiNet Bundle via Airtel Money

  1. Dial *222# from your phone.
  2. Reply with option 2 from the dialog box that is presented. 2 is the option to Buy Bundles.
  3. In the next dialog box reply with 1 for mobile phone UnlimiNet bundles or 2 for UnlimiNet modem
  4. If you replied with 1 above you will be presented with a new dialog box that lets you choose whether you want to purchase the daily, weekly or monthly Reply with 1, 2 or 3 according to your preference.
  5. In the dialog box that follows chose the specific bundle you want. The next step is to confirm the bundle purchase.
  6. Then you will be prompted to enter your Airtel Money PIN and that’s it.
  7. You will receive a 5 percent discount on your bundle purchase. The discount applies to any UnlimiNet bundle purchased via Airtel Money.

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