What media player do you use?

Our devices are our companions right now. We cannot go without our cell phones or tablets. Almost every kid is armed with at least one right now, especially so inKenya where studies have found that smartphone adoption is so high. And this is not just phones. PCs too. It is now a requirement to show up with a laptop when reporting to campus, JKUAT being one famous university that caused a stir by forcing kids to report to first year with one of those Kenyan-made laptops. A new one comes from as low as 25, 000 Kenya shillings today. And that there is a flux of cheap Chinese devices in the market also helps things a little, case in point the Transsion Infinix, Tecno and Itel brands among others.

So obviously other than social media, browsing the internet and gaming, we use our devices for media consumption. We eat through our batteries, carry backup power sources and colonize wall sockets on a first-come-first-serve basis. We share stuff more than we talk. Therefore we surely must have our favourites among the millions of media apps out there, from those you use to consume pictorial media, video content and audio content.

I have my favourites, both on mobile and desktop (Windows, of course). For mobile, I love Quickpic, a versatile little gallery app that doubles as a video player. The video interface is intuitive with gesture controls and above all that? It weight in under 3MB! For audio, I use Shuffle+ Media player, a gorgeous (and light!) music player for Android.

I am a usual person, when it comes to the desktop which means I, like everyone the world over, use VLC for everything. Except when I’m feeling adventurous with audio, I use VideoLAN for everything.  I suppose you do too, right? Other times, I use Dopamine, a handsome (but resource-heavy) Windows audio player.

What do you use on mobile and PC? Tell us in the comments below.


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