What if I told you that there is an app that literally solves complex math problems using your smartphone’s camera? Just to set the record straight I am not talking about the standard or scientific calculator apps but rather a camera calculator for that matter. An app that uses your smartphone’s camera to do mathematical calculations.

PhotoMath is the educational app that every math scholar should own. To show you just how awesome this app is it has been downloaded over 36 million times on Android and iOS, and is consistently one of the top 5 educational apps in the U.S. these impressive figures were revealed by PhotoMath founder and CEO Damir Sabol as he spoke to TechCrunch. Back then it was available also for Windows Phone 8.1 users but after updating to Windows Phone 10 that seems not to be the case now. Personally I have been using this app for a year plus now.

Right now most of you are asking yourselves, “But how does it work?” Trust me it is pretty easy. You simply point your camera at the printed mathematical expression and the app then does the calculations and finally presents the answer. The app does not only display the answer but goes as far as outlining every single step used so as to arrive at the said answer. What an app to help you learn. Your own personal tutor.

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Supported Math Expressions

The app currently supports the following math expressions:

  1. Arithmetic Expressions
  1. Fractions and Decimals
  1. Powers and Roots

Most entry-level math expressions are also supported.

Not Supported Math Expressions

Since the application is still in development not all expression types work for now but we sure do hope they will be incorporated in due time. As of now the following math expressions are not supported:

  1. Trigonometric Functions
  1. Complex Equations
  1. Calculus

This week, PhotoMath released version 3.0 of its popular app on the iOS app store. Previously the app only supported printed text on paper. However, the new app update now supports handwritten text. Users can write out problems and have PhotoMath solve them by simply pointing their camera at the paper.

As of now this new feature is only available for iOS users. PhotoMath are also planning on rolling out the update to Android by the end of the month. If you are not already using the app what are you waiting for?


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