This, ladies and gentlemen, is a Nokia 2016. The last of its kind, at least from Nokia-owned Microsoft. Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia in 2014 didn’t turn out to be so successful. With the decline of Windows Phone (it actually never picked up to the tier of Android and iOS), the Nokia hardware business tanked with it. They infamously faithfully married Windows Phone, much to the chagrin of the faithful of Nokia’s good-device-making prowess.

Engadget says this is probably the last Nokia-branded device that Microsoft will ever produce. The coming Nokia devices will reportedly run Android and are in the horizon, as the Nokia Phoenix rises with Foxconn, the renowned device makers.

The Nokia 216 is a run of the mill feature phone, a Series 30+ device with all the perks and limitations of such a device. Tremendous battery life is still a check, with a claimed standby time of up to a month, as well as browse the web. It also features front and rear facing cameras, ability to store up to 2,000 contacts and a 2.4-inch QVGA screen.


Microsoft already dropped the Nokia moniker from its Lumia devices, which are now labelled Microsoft. Microsoft is slowly withdrawing from the mobile device manufacturing business. It recently followed its statement in its commitment to Windows 10 Mobile with one that basically said  it will let third-party manufacturers dictate the major bulk of Windows Phone devices to come. This is along with the enterprise angle it is adjusting its mobile business. Microsoft  sold the feature phone business  to Foxconn subsidiary FIH Mobile for $350 million and the Nokia naming rights to HMD Global, the company behind the rumored coming Android devices.

The rumored Surface Phone is, allegedly still under development with a the launch date being sometime in 2017 with some sources pushing it further to 2018.


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