Kodak to release a 4K action camera that also captures VR-ready video


Kodak has announced a new 4K action camera. The exciting bit about it is that it captures VR-ready video by itself. The new camera will be known as 4KVR360. They just had to settle for a name that describes the camera’s key features. This is an upgrade from the Pixpro SP360 4K action camera which required you to use two Pixpros to get full spherical footage hence making it less than practical for full virtual reality videos.

The new 4KVR360 action camera fuses a 20 megapixel sensor with lenses on both the front and back. This enables you to shoot fully immersive VR video with only one camera. With the previous SP360 4K action camera you needed to use two cameras. This was because the 360-degree videos from one camera were not spherical.

The new VR-ready camera comes equipped with Wi-Fi and NFC to help talk to your phone, and Bluetooth to communicate to an optional remote control. In matters concerning storage, you can load a microSD card with a capacity of 128GB. No need to feel limited. You have the necessary storage backup to record most of your adventures. Not just plainly recording but recording in VR.

According to JK Imaging, they expect the 4KVR360 action camera to start shipping sometime in early 2017. JK Imaging is the company that oversees the Kodak camera brand. The price for the camera has not been revealed yet though there are speculations that it could possibly retail between the Nikon’s $500 (approximately Ksh.50,000) and Samsung’s $350 (approximately Ksh.35,000). Yes, you heard that right. Kodak will be going up against mobile giants like Samsung and camera stalwarts Nikon.

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