Which email client are you subscribed to? Most individuals rely on Gmail to cater for their email services. We cannot forget the individuals who signed up for an email address during the dawn of the new century. Back then Yahoo was the search engine you turned to for your search engine needs. This had the effect of influencing those individuals to register with Yahoo mail as their first email client.

For individuals who own a Windows device at this age there is a high possibility, 90 percent chance that you are served by another email client. This is courtesy of a new approach by Microsoft when setting up your Windows device for the first time. Microsoft now gives you the option to sign in to your Windows device using a Microsoft account. The Microsoft account is simply an Outlook mail address that Microsoft will use to back up your account activity whenever you are logged into any device using it.

We shall look at the in-depth advantages of signing into your Windows device using your Microsoft account rather than a local account in a different article. Today I want to bring to your attention a new feature that will be rolling out to Outlook mail users in the next few weeks.

Microsoft is adding support for accessing files stored in Google Drive directly from the attachment option when composing a new email. That is not all. Now you will also be able to access and attach photos from your Facebook account. How awesome is that. These new features were revealed by Microsoft in this blog post. Did I mention that attaching from Box and Dropbox will also be supported? There you have.

How to attach Google Drive files

  • Begin a new message
  • Then click or tap the attachment icon
  • From the attachment options presented select Google Drive
  • Then enter your target Google account credentials
  • Once added, your Google Drive appears as a source when attaching files

You can now go ahead and browse and select your files from either a list view or as thumbnails. To top it up, when you receive a Google Doc, Slide or Sheet, you can open the file within Outlook.

How to attach Facebook photos

  • Begin a new message
  • Then click or tap the attachment icon
  • From the attachment options presented select Facebook
  • Then enter your target Facebook account credentials
  • Once connected, you will be able to browse and attach your photos

Your photos will be organised in two ways just like they are in Facebook:

  1. Photos of me

These are the photos you have been tagged in

  1. My photos

These are the photos you have uploaded

How many times have you struggled to find a specific attachment in a very long email conversation? The hassle of clicking through each reply to find that one attachment is real. The other alternative was expanding the thread to help us pin point where exactly that one attachment is.

The guys at Microsoft have seen how a challenge this was to the Outlook.com mail users. They have gone ahead to release a new feature that curates and organises all the attachments from a long email thread together. What you will now have to do is just open the long email conversation at right there at the top you will find all the attachments from the email thread neatly organised.

How to find a specific attachment in a long email conversation

  • Launch the Outlook mail app
  • Browse to the email thread that contains the attachment you need
  • At the top of the email thread locate the attachment icon. It is important to note that at the top of every thread you will now find an attachment icon.
  • Click it to open a drop-down list of all the attachments in the conversations
  • Now go ahead and simply select the file you are looking for and open it

Just as a reminder, these new features will be rolled out to all Outlook.com users over the next few weeks.


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