UEFA Champions League now available on Free-to-Air set top boxes here in Kenya

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  • 5 years ago
  • Posted: September 15, 2016 at 12:18 pm

The 2016/2017 UEFA Champions League season has kicked off. This is one of the premium football content that locals here are always thrilled about. For a long time now we all turned to Multichoice to enjoy this football experience. Supersport channel courtesy of Dstv was the go to place to catch up with the latest Champions League action.

The Dstv subscription does not come up that cheap. A big part of the population is not in a position to enjoy the monthly subscription. Because of the economic position and the fact that Kenya is still a developing country they have to make the hard decision of choosing between what they need and what they want. Needs are a necessity while on the other hand wants are a luxury. As was expected the needs almost always outdo the wants. It is for this reason that most individuals will choose to watch the match from their local joints or from the local video studio dens.

There is some good news for individuals who own a Free-to-Air decoder. On every Wednesday that there will be a Champions League kick off you can enjoy at least one game match. This, of course, will be available through your Free-to Air decoder courtesy of KTN Home, a television station owned by Standard Media Group.

If you had tuned in to KTN Home yesterday, 13th September, 2016 at 2200hr (+3GMT) you would have been entertained by the live Champions League match between Juventus and Sevilla. How sad the match had to end in a barren draw.

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This could possibly be a case where KTN has acquired the Free-to-Air (FTA) rights to broadcast UEFA Champions League matches in Kenya. This is not a whole new approach from KTN. If you can recall, last year they were able to air one Barclays Premier League match every Saturday followed by game highlights every Tuesday. We highlighted this case in this article that they had acquired the Free-To-Air (FTA) rights to broadcast one of the most celebrated leagues in Kenya, the Barclays Premier League. From the look of things it looks like KTN is keen in attracting the sports enthusiasts to its platform. These are definitely efforts worth applauding.

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