What is the future of Lumia Phones and Microsoft Windows 10 ecosystem as a whole?

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Windows 10 Anniversary Update
  • 5 years ago
  • Posted: September 14, 2016 at 4:30 pm

Probably by now you might have heard that the Lumia phones are coming to an end. The key word here is Lumia phones. The Lumia brand that Microsoft was using to refer to its phones. This does not necessarily mean that this is the end of Windows phones. Does it?

Microsoft has plans of releasing a Surface phone next year. Notice the device branding there. This will be in addition to the Surface line of hybrid 2-in-1 PC’s that Microsoft already produces. The Surface Phone’s will be running Windows Phone 10. As you may notice, Microsoft is not killing the Windows Phone 10 OS but rather the Lumia line of devices. It is expected that the Surface Phones will be ready in time for the release of Redstone 2, the next Windows 10 major update from Microsoft.

The launch of Windows 10 marked a new dawn for Microsoft. The guys at Microsoft were keen in offering business solutions to the enterprises that would adapt the new operating system, Windows 10. Microsoft is focused on unifying its experience across the different devices that would be running Windows 10.

Some individuals are even questioning if there would be any need of purchasing an Xbox gaming console in the near future. Why, you ask? As we speak the Xbox one gaming console runs Windows 10. Not only that but it also received the Anniversary Update that was released last month. The Xbox one now runs some native apps such as Groove Music the same way a Windows PC would. This raises the question as to whether the Xbox console and Windows PC are heading towards a merge.

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There is even speculation that maybe the much hyped Project Scorpio is a hybrid PC rather than a gaming console. Project Scorpio is due to be released next year and probably it will mark the merge of PC and console all under the Windows 10 ecosystem. On the bright side this would be cool. No more hassle on planning to get the latest Xbox console. You will only need to update your Windows 10 to gain new experiences since Microsoft is now offering Windows as a Service. For the hardware component you will only need to upgrade specific components just like a normal PC. But all these are just but speculations at this point. We will have to wait and see the surprise that Microsoft has in store in due time.

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