Samsung’s Patent Hints at a Windows Phone & Android Dual-Boot Device

See all those tablets that come out of China that come wielding both Windows and Android? 2-in-1 hybrids that come with Remix OS and Windows 10 among other variations. Well, they were an indicator of things to come.

South Korean tech giant Samsung has something new in store, perhaps. Something interesting. Its most recently surfaced patent hints at a device that could run both Android and Windows Phone!

I know this doesn’t sound marvellous in the first word but here’s the spice: It will run both, concurrently.

Pictures of pictures in the patent document suggest an interface where switching between the two OSes is like switching between apps. Like multitasking, basically. The patent, filed on May 2015 shows a multitasking UI where users can drag and drop files between the two operating systems and one OS can be minimized to a floating button akin to chat-heads or minimized applications in Samsung’s TouchWiz implementation of multitasking. It also suggest a shared folders feature to provide access in both operating systems. Resources can be managed by assigning processor cores and limiting memory usage per OS.

With phones coming bundled with up to 6GB RAM and storage capacities reaching 256GB, this would be a justified next step in the evolutionary development of the hardware and software field in mobile.

Of note, however is the fact that patents are filed every other time by manufacturers and tech giants like Samsung, Microsoft and Apple. These do not always point at coming consumer devices. Mark you, patent licensing is a big business other than the usual manufacturing or service-rendering by these companies. So it is up to your own imagination to dream up the next Galaxy ( the S8) being such a dual-boot device. It is anyone’s guess, however, whether the Mountain View (Google) and Redmond (Microsoft) folks will like the thought of this.

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