Zuku TV is now offering 3 months free subscription to new customers

Zuku TV

Zuku TV, a home entertainment product of Wananchi Group, is in the campaign of gunning new customers. Starting 1st September, 2016 Zuku has been offering free television subscription for new customers. You heard that right. Every new customer who purchases any of the Zuku TV services will automatically qualify to 3 months free television subscription. Customers will get three months free viewing of the Zuku Smart bouquet. The good thing is that it looks like this offer is here to stay for quite a long time.

That is not all. Zuku TV has realised that existing customers are key in helping them gain new subscribers. It is for this reason that they have come up with an offer specifically targeted at existing customers. Starting 15th September, 2016, existing customers will be offered free 30 days television viewing on their current bouquet. This will be based on the referrals given for any new customers.

The Zuku TV satellite will be offering three months free subscription to new customers. This offer will have no shelf life and begins in September moving forward. This free service offer outlines Zuku’s value for money proposition with a focus on delivery of high quality content at affordable prices. We offer our customers strong products and value for money service – the most affordable TV service with a focus on local content. Zuku provides strong, quality signal anywhere in the country that guarantees access to affordable family entertainment,” said Jay Chudasama, the Managing Director of Zuku satellite TV.

From Zuku’s website the Zuku Smart bouquet comes bundled with 27 TV channels including local channels and 18 radio stations. After the three months offer expires, users will have the option of opting for the current bouquet for Ksh.399. Alternatively they can move on to the Zuku Classic bouquet which offers 69 TV channels including local channels and 55 radio channels for Ksh.999. the third and final option that the customers can upgrade to is the Zuku Premium package. This package guarantees you 97 TV channels including local channels and 55 radio stations for Ksh.1,399.

Note that the setup fee is a constant Ksh.5,999 for any of the three packages.

It is not yet confirmed if this promotion is available in Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi and Zambia where Zuku also operates. It is worth noting that earlier Zuku used to give a one month free subscription to users who paid six months subscription consecutively. On the other hand those who paid Zuku Smart for 12 months consecutively or in advance received two months free subscription.

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