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I lack words to describe my love for food and particularly meat. Sometimes I think I might have been a carnivore in my previous life. Great love for food comes with great love for the kitchen. I am no chef Ramsay but I know my way around the kitchen quite well and I make pretty good grilled meat – even before the Flexi Grill.

The love for travel finds me camping once in awhile, not a big fan of the mosquitoes but I make do. The most exciting part being the bonfire and the barbeque but most times my friends and I are forced to put up make shift grills at camp sites that do not offer them.

Most places offer grills at a price while others do not have even have them. Bringing our own grill is definitely out of the question, the regular one is heavy and occupies a lot of space. Renting one is the safest option but in the long run quite expensive especially if you are one that travels on a budget, like I do.

Entrepreneurship is meant to solve a problem and Maurice Ireri of Flexi Grill clearly understands this and has come-up with the perfect grill to solve camper’s barbeque related headaches.

The grill dubbed ‘flexi grill’ is as flexible as the name suggests. It is a portable and easy to assemble grill that you could very well swing on your shoulder to your favourite camp site, if lifting weights is your thing.

The grill made from locally available material comes as parts which are easy and quick to assemble. With the interlocking joints no extra tools are required to assemble it. The grill is about 2 feet long and weighs approximately 15kgs when fully assembled. The grill retails at around 9500 shillings ($95) and comes with its own carry on bag.

The flexi grill is pure ingenuity coupled with simplicity. It is practical and serves a need. The price is also pocket friendly given the size and that it is portable.

The flexi grill is a nifty idea and will sure make camping more fun, campers also get to save a shilling or two. The grill could also come in handy at home with the option of disassembling being a plus for those with limited open space. You could have your barbeque and tuck away your grill in the store without having to worrying about it occupying large space or getting ruined out in the rain.

It is great seeing more start-ups coming up with innovations that address problems closer to home. Utilizing local resources also means reduced imports and eventually growth of local markets. In the long run more affordable products could be available in our shelves. This should be reason enough for the government to support local start-ups and more so the Jua Kali sector.

Flexi grill is proof that Kenyan start-ups are head places and could do more with support and proper structures in place.

For fellow campers and lovers of choma this is a must have. Saves you the hassle of having to hire a grill or slaving on a makeshift one. If the greatness of this innovation does not entice you to get it, think how the extra shilling saved by having your own grill could mean more kilos of meat.

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Lilian Mutinda
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