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I love to travel, mostly for the food and the scenery, well and the memories too. Most times I am too engrossed in the moment to remember to take a few snaps and I am left having to convince my friends that my amazing tales are not from some movie. I also hate the hassle of carrying a camera or having to worry about my phone while taking a dip in the pool.

We live in a time where, if a moment is not on photo (read social media) it did not happen. Honestly, I do not get the fuss about photos and half the time I am either avoiding them or behind the camera. In all fairness though, photos are the only things we have to remind us of the good times with family and friends for memory will eventually fail us someday.

Travelsnap, a Kenyan start-up has however understood the need  to have both beautiful and memorable photos particularly during vacations and have come up with a platform aimed at providing on-vacation photography solutions for tourists through the click of a button.

In a few simple steps, a vacationer can get a local photographer that is registered on the travelsnap database at a price. The site lets you pick a photographer of choice at a package that suits your needs.

The packages vary in price and depend on the number of hours booked, the location, number of locations and copies of photos. The least priced package, Bronze, costs $160 (16,000 Ksh), affording one an hour shoot in one location with 15 photos to take home while the highest priced, Gold, costs $400 (40,000 Ksh) caters for a 4-hour shoot in three to four different locations with 50 photos. A platinum package that offers customized photography services is also available with the price depending on the scope of work.

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Travelsnap is a brilliant idea more so for the local photographers as it provides them an avenue to showcase their work and earn while at it. This is also a way of appreciating art and putting Kenya on the map. Such a platform could go a long way in promoting tourism and may be they could even partner up with initiatives such as Magical Kenya or Tembea Kenya that are geared towards promoting local tourism.

The charges are a bit pricy and I am sure not too many people can afford it especially given that travelling is already expensive. But given that the target market is foreign vacationers they have likely done their due-diligence and know their niche.

I think it would also be wiser to pair-up a vacationer with a photographer in their designated tour location so as to may be cut cost and also have them act as tour guides which could even be more fun.

Technology-centered start-ups are indeed the future and it is amazing seeing Kenyans thinking out of the box. Given the challenges most start-ups face in Kenya it is beautiful to see such platforms flourish and hopefully more will come up.

Personally I am bit skeptical about tagging along stranger for my vacation but for those that do not mind, travelsnap is definitely the way to go.

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