Fone Taxi – Yes, Yet Another Taxi Hailing App

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  • 4 years ago
  • Posted: September 6, 2016 at 9:25 am

This is laughable now. Every other week, a new taxi hailing app emerges from the start-up undergrowth. Naturally, one had to claim this week. Enter Fone Taxi. Welcome to the fray, folks.

Fone Taxi is a Rwandan effort on the now-popular ride-hailing business. A week ago Fone Taxi announced its entry in the Kenyan market, along with its breaches in the Tanzanian, Ugandan and home-country Rwandan markets. It is starting out in Kenya with Nairobi where there is a spurge of such apps and services in the market.

Fone Taxi as a new Start-Up with improved functions is presently rolling out in Nairobi, Kenya. However, we are looking forward to making our service available initially in several more African countries like, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Burundi and many others shortly. We are also planning to start outside Africa very soon,’ says Fone Taxi in a written statement on their website.

It would seem they are seeking a (taxi) agency to work with, as it says on their site. Other than the normal cabs, Fone taxi will also work with tuktuks and boda-bodas (sound familiar?) It already has Android and iOS apps for both partner drivers and riding customers. It adds, however, that it will only work with legally registered taxi drivers. Its cut will be 15% of the taxi drivers’ gains, just like Little.


Fone Taxi joins other new launches in this industry including the weeks-old Taxi Chap Chap and Safaricom’s Little. It is going to be tough staying in business in this field, especially considering that the international and incredibly successful Uber also wants in on the Kenyan pie.

Fone Taxi aims to give all the drivers a level playing ground to compete as long as they are good on the road. Other apps look at the condition of the car, we emphasis on the condition of the driver. A driver can log in and off the system anytime and can choose to select their work hours and efforts in any manner that best meets their goals and circumstances,” said Dennis Tongoi of Fone Taxi Kenya.

Fone Taxi already have over 120 drivers registered in the service to be proud of since it launched last week.

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