Taxi Chap Chap – Yet Another Kenyan Cab Hailing Service

As if the cab-hailing app business wasn’t crowded enough in Kenya, a new player is dribbling their iOS and Android apps to the playing field. Taxi Chap Chap.

This new player aims to captivate users with a rider loyalty program called CabMiles that awards users redeemable loyalty points per kilometre you ride with them. Apparently you can redeem your CabMiles in form of free rides or cash.

Taxi Chap Chap isn’t all that new though. It has been under a pilot program for the last six months. The General Manager of Taxi Chap Chap Ltd, Sriram S. Iyer openly acknowledges that the service isn’t any cheaper than the other taxi-hailing apps in the market.

“Some of them subsidise the price to the customer and calls that as investment. The tactic is to drive away small players and then increase the price. We do not believe in using investor money to gain market share. But we are surely economical than the traditional taxis that operate without any app, but profitable for the member drivers who are a part of our platform,” says Sriram S. lyer.

One of the key features he mentioned was “unique security measures” including being able to track rides and enhanced customer experience.

Taxi Chap Chap will initially be available in Nairobi as it expands to other cities and towns and eventually beyond the Kenyan borders.

Mr. Iyer added ‘Our commitment is to provide relentless service to our customers, through innovation. We believe in the philosophy the Customer is the king!’

Taxi Chap Chap launches their service with a competition where users who download their respective Android and iOS apps by 30th September stand a chance to win a trip to Dubai.

Taxi Chap Chap now joins a war for the (urban) commuter with the two other key players: Safaricom-backed Little and Uber. Time will tell how it fairs.

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