New Lenovo Yoga Book is a thing of beauty

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Lenovo is proving that they are not shy on experimenting and giving their customers the best that they can. The Lenovo yoga series has so far yet not been a disappointment with the latest addition to the family, Lenovo Yoga Book, living up to the hype of its predecessors.

The Yoga Book is a dual surface tablet with an elegant aluminium-magnesium alloy casing that uses the unique watch band hinge characteristic of the yoga series allowing a 360 rotation. It has a capacitive touch panel ‘create pad ’using electromagnetic resonance technology (EMR) that acts as a keyboard and drawing slate on one end and a screen on the other. On type mode the touch illuminates the keyboard allowing one to type. The haptic feedback on the surface gives one the feeling of a regular keyboard On switching off the type mode the keyboard outline disappears restoring the drawing slate.

Lenovo Yoga Book has a drawing slate that comes with a magnetic pad of paper that allows it to be used a notebook when folded back. The beauty of this is that the EMR technology picks up the scribblings and digitizes them meaning you have both digital and analog copies.

The ‘real pen’ stylus that comes with the Lenovo Yoga Book gives a provision of alternating between the nib and ink cartridge allowing it to be used a regular pen. This will be turn on for lovers of pen and paper. On the plus the stylus comes with three replaceable cartridges.

The Yoga Book weighs about 690g with a thickness of 9.6mm. It is powered by a quad-core intel atom processor, which is not really know for its speedy action but still serves the purpose, and has 4gb RAM. The 10.1 inch FHD display has a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels, brightness of 400 nits a color depth of 1.6 million and supports AnyPen stylus. The 85000mAh battery lasts about 13 to 15 hours. It has a storage capacity of 64Gb with and a micro SD slot with expandable memory of 128GB. The front camera is 2MP with fixed focus while the rear is 8MP with autofocus.

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The Yoga Book is available in both android, the marshmallow 6.0 version and windows 10 version. The android version comes with in-built Lenovo app dubbed ‘note taker’ which functions the same as the ‘OneNote’ in windows. Autocorrect and predictive features available are only unique to the android version.

The Yoga Book is rumored to cost between $499 and $599 which is approximately 50,000 Kenya shillings, with the windows version being slightly pricier than the android version.

The idea of intertwining pen and computing is genius and the yoga book is definitely a device worth the money. With its unique notebook features and feather weight it is a must have for those always on the go and most important for students who can use it for lectures. On the other hand, the drawing slate will be a selling point to artist in the digital arts. The illuminating typing surface will definitely require some bit of practice and getting used to but otherwise the yoga book is fantastic.

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