UberChopper launched to make it affordable for everyone to use a Chopper

How about a chopper ride to your favorite destination, that breath taking proposal in a scenic view or simply stuck in traffic? UberChopper will have you sorted at the tap of a button.

Uber in partnership with Corporate Helicopters has launched UberChopper which allows people to book a flight using the Uber application.

Corporate helicopters which was launched in 2005 is among the leading helicopter charters in Kenya with its operational base at Wilson airport. The company provides safari charters, executive transport as well as medical evacuation services.

The beauty of Corporate helicopters is that it allows flight shares meaning that you do not have to hire an entire helicopter on your own. The flight shares range from as low as $300 to $999 depending on the location. This will entice more people to use UberChopper.

With recent drop in numbers in the tourism sector this new partnership will go a long way in improving tourism especially local. So far only one courier offers affordable rates and with the inconveniences experienced such as flight delays or lack of coverage in certain parts of the country the new UberChopper will definitely come in handy.

Corporate Helicopters not only covers Kenya but the entire East Africa region as well as Rwanda, Ethiopia and Burundi. This could see more people visiting from the various areas.

Requesting for a helicopter is no different from requesting a cab. Once you download the application, you select the UberChopper option, confirm location and tap on request. The awesome bit is that an Uber will facilitate the airport transfer. This will ease the hassle of getting to and from the airport and will also be a plus for the drivers as they will clock in more rides.

For those with big bucks looking to get into business this could be a good opportunity to buy and hire out helicopters to the company. With a tax exemption on choppers, this could be a very lucrative deal.

Partnership with Uber Kenya which has already established its dominance in the Kenyan market through its cab services will definitely be a game changer. Hopefully with the partnership we will get attractive offers that will see more Kenyans embrace luxury travel and eventually have an improvement in the tourism sector.

Looking forward to witness the revolution that will be UberChopper.


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