There is a Samsung Galaxy J2 with Digital TV (DTV) Capabilities

Remember the good old days when we had a Chinese counterfeit phone influx in the country? When ’Nokla’ was choking Nokias’ sales? Devices with craftily off names and weights of the moon? They often came with the (then-analog) TV tuners built in. Days when you had triple-SIM, dual torch, dual-SD TV and FM radio capabilities in a device seemingly built with pig iron and cedar. (I believe they were actually built with ceramic in place of plastic). I had one, a perfect HTC Chacha clone. A massive, hefty QWERTY phone with what I think was a meagre 5MB of internal storage. It, too, had a TV tuner. It was finicky, of course, with NTV (the channel with the second-best reception) showing up as mchele-ful. KBC had the best reception but come on. KBC?

I am glad to say the feature is back! Ladies and gentlemen: the Samsung Galaxy J2 DTV.

The Galaxy J2 isn’t exactly a stranger in these waters. It is a run-of-the-mill entry level device just a hair above the popular Galaxy J1. Other than the Super AMOLED screen, despite its resolution being 540 x 960.

The Galaxy J2 DTV, therefore, has all the J2 features: 1.3GHz Exynos 3457 quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of expandable storage, a 5MP rear-facing camera, 2,000mAh battery, the 4.7 inch screen and sports Android 5.1.1 with the Touchwiz blanket over it. The usual suite of of different connectivity options (FDD-LTE, W-CDMA, and GSM) are in place as well. The distinguishing feature is the digital TV tuner christened the model number SM-J200BT. This will allow you to watch broadcast TV.

There is a catch, sadly. This device is exclusively available in Philippines for $150 about (Ksh 15,000.00). Add to this the fact that it may not be compatible with our digital TV broadcast standards here. The Philippines use the Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting (ISDB) standard, while we, together with Europe and America use the Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB). Sad, isn’t it.


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