Only 16.2% of Windows 10 Desktops are running the Anniversary Update

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Windows 10 Anniversary Update
  • 5 years ago
  • Posted: August 30, 2016 at 4:17 pm

Last week we wrote about how Windows 10 Anniversary Update is propagating on mobile. Today we focus on the PC segment. We will have a look at how Windows 10 Anniversary Update is been received on both PCs and laptops.

Windows 10 Desktop Version

The Windows 10 Desktop Anniversary Update  was released more than two weeks ahead of the Mobile counterpart. The build for this latest stable version is 1607. It is unfortunate for Microsoft that only 16.2 percent of the Windows 10 PCs and laptops are on this build. This is in contrast to the 52.4 percent of the Windows 10 Mobile devices running the Anniversary Update. We should not forget the update for Desktops had a head start of close to two weeks.

Windows 10 Desktop Update

Most Windows 10 Desktops are still running version 1511 aka November Update. According to the AdDuplex Windows device statistics report for the month of August 77.2 percent of Windows 10 Desktops are on this version. This update was released towards the end of 2015. It marked the first update that Windows 10 was receiving since its launch. With this update Microsoft introduced a new concept of releasing major updates through the Windows Update app thus marking the end of the regular patch releases.

The number of Desktops still running the initial release of Windows 10 aka build 10240 accounts for 6.1 percent of all Windows 10 Desktops. One year plus down the line with two major updates released some individuals opted to stick with the initial release.

This is in contrast to 0.6 percent of Windows 10 Desktops running Redstone 2. Redstone 2 is the internal code name of Microsoft’s third major update. Microsoft plans to release it in early 2017. Microsoft is already working on this update. Only those subscribed to the Insider Program, fast ring, have an opportunity to test this update during the development period.

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We hope to see more individuals updating to the Anniversary Update as it continues to roll out across the different regions. As the older machines finally receive the update we look forward to these figures changing.

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