The quest for mobile unlimited Internet should land you on Airtel Unliminet

Around May this year Orange Kenya pulled the plug on their mobile unlimited data bundles. They introduced the xcell data bundles which basically means capped data bundles , a move that left many loyal clients disappointed. What next after this apocalypse? Will life ever be the same without budget unlimited data plan?

The answer came disguised in the form of an offer that had outlived its one month intended life span; the Valentine Bundle Offer – an offer that complemented many in ways they hadn’t imagined yet. For only Ksh.20 a day, you had 400Mb and you could renew it an infinite number of times within the day. We didn’t mind that the speeds were capped after consuming the first 200Mb. This was way better that paying Ksh.50 a day to enjoy the same service as was the norm.

Then in June came the message below:

“Dear Customer, the Valentines Bundle Offer will no longer be available from 1st July 2016….”

Even before we could settle in our new home, Orange Kenya was moving us yet again.

Having been used to unlimited browsing for close to two years, I had to adapt with working within a fixed data plan now. For only Ksh.1000 a month I had enjoyed the freedom of scavenging the wild wide web with no fear of been disconnected due to insufficient data balance.

Then I recalled the Unliminet offer from Airtel Kenya. I had never given it a second thought before. I had Orange. Orange was meeting all of my internet needs. But our relationship was sore at the moment.

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After reading about the Unliminet plan on their website I went to their twitter handle to inquire more. To seek clarification on bits that were still vague in my mind. There I was met with Jamo and Caro; a duo that put my worries to rest. I was a bit reluctant with trying the plan. I smelt foul play. To minimize my losses and disappointment, I tried the cheaper Unliminet 50 daily. True to their word, I was able to access the internet even after consuming my allocated 50Mb though at capped speeds but I was still able to stream videos from facebook and twitter at full speeds.

This gave me the confidence to try the Unliminet 250 weekly. For Ksh.250 I receive 500Mb + 100 min + 500 sms. That’s not all. You can use the minutes and sms across all networks! How cool is that! That’s a huge bonus to those whose sole motive of subscribing to the bundle is the access to unlimited data

Once again I can browse the internet without keeping a tab of how much data I have consumed so far. Did I mention that I streamed the Manchester United vs Everton game through Facebook live? Thanks to the ability of still being able to access twitter, facebook, whatsapp, instagram and Gmail at full speeds even after you consume your allocated data bundle.

Where did you go after the apocalypse of the Orange unlimited data bundles?

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