NTV Kenya briefly tested streaming on Facebook Live earlier today

Today at around 10:00hr (+3 GMT) NTV Kenya went live on their Facebook page. Unfortunately the feed did not last for long. Judging from the comments that accompany the feed the experience was not that smooth for many of the viewers. Many claimed that the feed was hanging but NTV Kenya responded with the following statement.

“We are testing the feed. Kindly please bear with us.”

I am excited about the possibility of NTV Kenya streaming live from Facebook. Neither streaming nor Facebook live is a new concept. The real deal is in the media house streaming its content live on Facebook platform and a user, courtesy of Airtel UnlimiNet, being in a capacity to stream the feed without fear of breaking the bank.

Streaming from other platforms like periscope and YouTube is quite expensive for the typical Kenyan. This same sentiments are reflected when you try to stream your favourite program through the respective media house’s streaming platform. Even Airtel Kenya’s UnlimiNet bundle will be of no help when streaming from these platforms. The moment you exhaust purchased bundles the speeds are going to be capped. The streaming experience is going to be horrible with buffer times that prevail for almost a lifetime. Ok, maybe I have exaggerated that bit, but the truth of the matter is that the experience is devastating. Using Airtel Kenya’s UnlimiNet bundle on these other platforms adds no value.

The other option is to use Fibre connection to the home but the service providers have been slow in covering most residential areas. They chose to focus on a select estates a very unfortunate move for the common Kenya.

The power of Airtel Kenya’s UnlimiNet bundle is seen when you use it hand in hand with the Facebook platform.  You get to stream at 3G+ speeds for the whole span of your subscribed bundle duration.

When a media house such as NTV Kenya streams live on Facebook, I am able to catch up with my favourite program wherever I may be. I only need to have a mobile device and an active Airtel UnlimiNet plan to enjoy my program.

To make things even more interesting you can still catch up with your program even if you are experiencing blackout in your area. How you ask? It is simple. It is all a matter of been creative. You only need a power bank, your mobile device and an active Airtel UnlimiNet bundle to catch up with your program. Now blackouts do not necessarily translate to missing out on the next episode of your favourite program. Unless you choose to.

For the media houses it will also be a win situation. They will now be in a capacity to increase their viewership because they have tapped into a new market segment, at least for the ones in Kenya. You now don’t have to exit from the Facebook app to catch that show. Ones you are done with chatting with your friends you can catch the show right in the app. Hope more media houses join NTV Kenya. As for you this is the right moment to reap the benefit of Airtel Kenya’s UnlimiNet bundle.

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