LG slowly blurring the line between fashion and technology

As more and more consumers use technology to denote their lifestyle and social status, products have begun to take on aesthetic elements that serve little in the way of function but lend devices an aura of class and sophistication.

Consumers are now looking beyond ergonomics. They want to know how a product caters for their personal tastes and self-identity. Nowadays, consumers are keen on products that mirror their personalities or aspirations as individuals or groups. Faced with this new reality, tech engineers and designers are looking for inspiration in such disparate fields as fashion, to develop cutting edge products.

Consumer trends are fast influencing the way we interact with technology. We are intimate with fashion in the clothes we wear; the beautiful wrist watch; the shoe we wear to the dinner date. Clothes and accessories serve an important function like keeping us warm or helping us track time. But we don’t just wear anything rather what we like and makes us feel nice about ourselves.

For long, technology has been largely about usability. Much as this fundamental principle still holds, the desire for consumers to separate themselves from the pack, and highlight their status, lifestyle and good taste will always win out over rational assessments of efficacy. Technology like fashion has embraced visual appeal as a unique selling point. Consumers want to be fashionable but at the same time acquire products that personalized with enhanced design.

This changing consumer tastes and demands have opened up an opportunity for LG to establish itself as the premier provider of electronics that do more than just increase convenience and simplify daily life.

Gone are the days when simply offering a product with superior functionality would lead to increased sales. Now, devices have to look great for them to fit users’ personalities. They also have to function flawlessly with usability-enhancing design elements.


For example, despite the fact that smart technology has been available to fashion designers for well over a decade, only recently has mainstream wearable technology entered into the public eye.  Wearable technology has vastly improved over the last ten years, but the chief driving factor behind the sudden interest in wearables is that designers and engineers at technology firms are finally taking cues from the world of fashion.

This is true if the LG’s trendsetting G Watch Urbane 2nd Edition is anything to go by. It gives users unprecedented customization options, blurring the line between fashion and technology.

As its name suggests, the smartwatch is designed for a sophisticated and cosmopolitan wearer and delivers unparalleled technology and performance. It follows closely in the footsteps of the stylish LG Watch R, the first smartwatch with a full circular Plastic OLED (P-OLED) display, which LG launched in October 2014.

While the LG Watch R was designed with the active user in mind, the LG Watch Urbane is more formal with a thinner profile making it perfect for either men or women. Resembling a luxury timepiece, LG combined a classic design and innovative features to add style and convenience to everyday life while raising the already high standards set by its predecessor.

The LG Watch Urbane is crafted around the same 1.3-inch full circle P-OLED display as the LG Watch R but features a narrower bezel that gives it sleeker lines. The LG Watch Urbane has all of the hallmarks of a fine watch, making it the perfect fashion accessory. Its stainless steel body is available in polished silver and gold finish and is complemented by a beautifully stitched natural leather strap for a more fashionable look.

With wearable devices paying equal attention to both form and function, the potential of wearable is finally starting to be realized.

This goes to show how LG’s latest innovative products are doing more than perform at the highest level-they are offering access to the elite lifestyle that users crave.



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