It is no longer rumours, Nokia Brand is back from Q4 2016

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  • Posted: August 22, 2016 at 10:48 am

Once upon a time, before we even dreamt of smartphones, there existed just mobile phones. Phones whose sole purpose for their existence was to aid in communication. We fell in love with them immediately because of the mobility factor. This time marked the start of the demise of their predecessor the telephone booths. We cannot really talk about the emergence of mobile phones without recalling the Nokia brand. Back then the Nokia brand was a household name to behold. Everyone could associate with the Nokia phones.

Nokia decided to evolve back then to try and offer their customers something new apart from the standard calling and texting. They introduced the legendary snake game. The game was well received by the masses. This is the time period mobile gaming can trace its roots. A segment that has grown to heights we could not foresee.

When Nokia ventured into business they were running their own OS just like most of the phone companies back then. The Symbian OS saw them taking the market lead. Not even in their wildest dreams did they think that one day they will have to jump ship.

New phones running the Android OS emerged. They were not just ordinary phones. They were smartphones. They came and ate directly in the market share that Nokia had enjoyed. Even though the Nokia phones had awesome designs the Symbian OS proved to be no march for Android. That is when Nokia made the decision to let their devices run Windows Phone OS. A union that saw a new line of products popular known as Nokia Lumia phones.

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Shortly afterwards Microsoft entered into a deal that prevented Nokia from using its name on phones. Microsoft dropped the Nokia name and adapted the Microsoft name for the new devices they released.

For all the die-hard fans of Nokia brand phones you now have a reason to smile again. The deal with Microsoft is almost over with the rights returning to Nokia in the last quarter of this year. Rumour has it that Nokia is already planning to announce about four devices by the end of the year with a possible launch early next year. This new info traces its foot from Mike Wang, Nokia China’s president, who spoke to Chinese site The Paper as spotted by Android Authority.

Apparently these new devices will include both smartphones and tablets running Android. Not just any other Android but Android 7.0 Nougat. Remember the Android powered Nokia N1 tablet? One thing to note is that Nokia won’t be handling the manufacturing of the phones directly but through a new company dubbed HMD composed of former Windows and Nokia individuals.

Expected Hardware Specs

All the following are just but speculations:

  • A 5.2-inch handset and a 5.5-inch handset
  • Quad HD OLED displays
  • 6 megapixel cameras
  • Snapdragon 820 or 810
  • Water and dust resistance features
  • USB Type-C
  • microSD card support
  • We expect hardware powerful enough to take advantage of Nokia’s other interests, like VR.

What is left at this point is to wait and see.

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