Arrival of the Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update

It is time for the Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update, approximately two weeks since the Windows 10 Anniversary Update for PC was released. Microsoft began pushing out the update from 2nd August. The update has been moving slowly and not all users have been able to see it through the Windows Update setting. Apparently, the region you are located will affect the time you can start receiving it. Not only that but also the make of the PC/laptop you are using. Those using older devices will have to wait patiently until the update arrives for their device.

Another factor is that Microsoft is being cautious. They want to keep the update process in tabs just in case something goes wrong they can halt the update process before every windows users is affected. Of course we also have the case of the servers possibly crashing when everyone is trying to update. You can always bypass these setbacks and grab your update as soon as you want but that’s a topic for another day.

9th August was the date many windows phone users looked forward to receive the Anniversary Update but it never came to be. Either the rumours were false or Microsoft just decided to push it a little later. Maybe they needed to tweak a few features before they could finally go public.

Earlier today Microsoft began pushing the Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update. The new build number is 14393.67. You can go to the Update & Security setting and grab it. I have been using the Windows 10 Anniversary Update since 29th July. Testing new builds and features before they go public is a privilege you get as a Windows Insider but it comes with its own risks.

Compared to the initial rollout of windows 10, the Anniversary Update isn’t much of an overhaul as it is a refinement. The following are some of the new features that I was able to pick up:

  • The camera shortcut now replaces the back button that we have been used to on the lock screen.
  • You will now be able to drag and rearrange tiles as it pleases you in the Quick Settings.
  • There is no more use of the Windows Insider app as its functionality has been integrated into the Settings app, a replica of what we are used to on the PC. Find it tacked in at the bottom of the Update and Security setting.
  • You can sync notifications between Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10. This is the feature I fell I love with the most.
  • I also noticed the ability of cortana, the digital assistant, to do a music search is back.
  • A new set of settings have been introduced to personalize the notifications you receive from apps even further.
  • A major setback is that VPNs are not working with the Anniversary Update but worry not. Microsoft has already released the next patch, 14393.82, to the Windows Insiders. I have just got it from Windows Update and will update you of any new changes been presented.

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